Pulling the plug on Rowan Malloy

Rowan Malloy has been a good friend, but he’s been on life support for almost a year. The kindest thing I can do is let him go.

Truth is, I created Rowan Malloy as a pen name for me, Lloyd Meeker. I thought it was necessary to have a different persona for my mainstream romances to keep them separate from the gay-themed fiction I write under my real name. That no longer seems necessary, and I think that’s a good thing. Social evolution seems to have overrun the perceived need. I wasn’t very successful at keeping two blogs and websites going, anyway, so it’s a relief.

I’m in the process of creating a new edition for Blood Royal under my own name, with a new ISBN and everything. That should be done sometime this summer.

I still intend to write the sequel to Blood Royal, because I think there’s a great story there to be told. It might be a while before I get to it, though. I’m writing a murder mystery at the moment, featuring my Denver-based gay PI Russ Morgan. He’s 50, a little psychic, has long-term sobriety — I don’t know how I came up with his character, but it just seemed so… natural. Heh.

So thank you all for your interest in my writing and my posts. You can still keep up with me on my consolidated site www.lloydmeeker.com which should show more life now that Rowan Malloy has gone on to join his ancestors.

This site will be live until June 30, 2014, but I don’t anticipate posting anything new here between now and then.

Again, thank you for accompanying Rowan on his writing adventure, and I hope you will come visit me in my real identity over as Lloyd A. Meeker.

Happy trails, Lloyd/Rowan…

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